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MiniDoge began it’s journey as a deflationary meme token that has built into a full fledged ecosystem built for Web 3.0. The unique feature of the AutoBoost catapulted MiniDoge into one of the top projects of 2021 in the cryptosphere.

It begins with the latest released platform, DogeEx, MiniDoge’s dedicated DOGE exchange with cross-chain capabilities. DogeEx allows it’s 80,000 holders to stake and earn rewards, such as Treasure and BNB.

Create, Build, and Interact in the world of MiniPets. Currently in development, the blockchain game MiniPets allows the user to earn more crypto rewards through conquering quests throughout DOGEWorld. Uncover hidden side quests for additional rewards that will catapult your rankings above competitors.

DevTeamSix is the developers of MiniDoge, run by CEO Bill Spata, you can find out more about DevTeamSix HERE

The initial market cap of MiniDoge was $4 million.

Holding MiniDoge is your stake in the project's success.
Earn 40% revenue from our games.
Earn 6% reflections for every transaction.
MiniDoge is a deflationary token.
For every sell there is a buyback, 100% of all buyback tokens are burned instantly.

You can purcahse MiniDoge from DogeEx, or any of the many exchanges listed HERE

Yes, MiniDoge tokens are burned through the Autoboost function, for every sell there is a buyback via the Autoboost function, 100% of the tokens bought back are then burned immediately.

12% Tax for every buy/sell, set slippage to 14% to ensure a successful transaction.

Yes, you can use Coinpayments in order to purchase products from any of the supported platforms such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart.

Yes, some time after July 2022.

No, the airdrop ended in July 2021.

Yes, we have been audited by Quillhash.


As development continues, we plan to have MiniPets released in 2022.

Autoboost is a unique function developed by the MiniDoge team, There are small sells which convert MiniDoge to BNB, the BNB is then added to both liquidity and is accumulated in the autoboost wallet. For every sell there is a buyback via the Autoboost function, 100% of the tokens bought back are then burned immediately. Autoboost is driven by volume and performs best when the market is more positive.

For every transaction:
Add to liquidity: 4%
Autoboost function: 2%

MiniDoge solves three major problems in the current market of currency.

1. MiniDoge has a much faster transaction speed in comparison to Bitcoin.
2. It cannot be hacked or stolen through cyber attacks.
3. it is completely managed by computers, thereby eliminating the possibility for human error.

In addition to these major technological improvements, it is optimal for investor and is specifcally designed to bring holders a return on their investment.

MiniDoge is the FIRST token ever that has included the AUTOBOOST function. This means that every sell will be followed by an automated buyback, 100% of those tokens get burned in the process, this is so large selloffs will be much less prevalent.

Additionally, investors will gain tokens over time just by holding MiniDoge. Lastly the team behind MiniDoge is working every day to develop the MiniDoge ecosystem, such as:

NFT Marketplace
MiniPets blockchain game
MiniPets NFT blockchain game
MiniPal Wallet
Earn Treasure tokens as passive income for Staking on DogeEX
And more.


Treasure is a governance utility token for MiniDoge DAO.
Treasure is not just a reward token for DogeEx, it also comes with a vast amount of use cases.

Utilized for NFT marketplace minting and purchasing NFT's.
Utilized for Games.
Utilized for DogeEx lottery.
Part of our MiniDoge governance DAO.
Earn Treasure tokens as passive income for Staking.

Treasure will be the currency of the NFT marketplace in DogeEx and can be redeemed with Mini’s earned in game.

0%, there is no tax for Treasure.

No, you can only earn Free Treasure by staking in DogeEx.

Currently no. This is an option to consider for future opportunities.

Yes, we currently burned 98.7 million tokens, we will continue to burn Treasure manually similar to CAKE, lottery etc.


YES, there are no tokenomics or fees for it. It’s built for world wide adoption because we wanted users to adopt it to engage in the NFT marketplace for the game etc.

You can purchase Treasure from DogeEx


MiniDoge and Treasure come together to bring you DogeEx, the next chapter in the MiniDoge ecosystem. DogeEx provides investors the ability to stake in liquidity pool farms, or stake in single token pools for low risk options.

Earn Treasure tokens as passive income while staking, or use the SWAP to exchange tokens. This is only the beginning

DogeEx is a DEX (Decentralized Exchange).

We have a pre-set list of DOGE themed tokens on the Swap, however you can also exchange any token that is currently listed on Pancakeswap as well.

DogeEx is DEX aggregator with a set list of DOGE themed tokens which will also be listed in our AMM (Automated market maker), a staking/farming platform allowing users to earn Treasure tokens as a reward.

DogeEx launched December 16, 2021.


Yes, these will be other DOGE themed tokens only.

Estimated gas shows as 0.018, however you will only be charged less than $0.50 cents, depending on the current BSC blockchain gas fee for any transaction.

Here is a great article explaining what a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) is:

Here is a great article explaining what impermanent loss is:

Here is a great article explaining what an Automated Market Maker (AMM) is:


Here is a great article explaining what an NFT is and other terms:

From the NFT marketplace.

BNB to start.

More information will be provided at a later time.

Anyone who bought MiniDoge within the first 30 days and is still holding more than 10B tokens will earn this NFT.

Anyone who bought MiniDoge before Nov 15 and is still holding more than 10B tokens will earn this NFT.