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MiniPETS are sweet animals that love to develop, build, and work for survival! Players can build up a collection of MiniPETS and use them across the ever-expanding universe of DOGEWORLD! MiniPETS will be a game found on IOS and Android as well as supported by a web app version. MiniDOGE holders will benefit from MiniPETs and all MiniGAMES by the reflection of 40% of all revenue to all holders of the token.

*** MiniPETS is in development. Graphics seen here are prototype and subject to change***

What is MiniPets?

Presenting MiniPets

Raise your pets while earning MiniDOGE Tokens

With MiniDOGE we are building a one of a kind game for IOS and Android called MiniPets.

MiniPets is a game with rewards based on daily engagement in the game. Think Tamagotchi meets Decentraland!

In MiniPets the users will be able to build as many pets as they would like, each pet has a persona which will start in an animal shelter and build up from there, eventually going on to becoming adopted and growing up.

In the game every pet will live in DOGEWorld and all pets will be able to earn MiniDOGE tokens in the game by doing the daily tasks, working at a job and completing their daily responsibilities on time.

As each pet earns more MiniDOGE tokens in the game they can buy upgrades such as clothes, food for building up attributes and even skills for them to get better jobs to earn more MiniDOGE tokens each day.

Each user will be able to build up their pet and then sell them as a collectible NFT which the new owner can use in the MiniPets game to continue to earn.

One of the most exciting parts of the game is that each user is able to use their earnings to buy land, build a house, buy cars, etc.

Each asset that a MiniPet owns will also count towards the value of each pet if and when an owner chooses to sell them in the MiniPet NFT Marketplace.

People will essentially be able to have fun playing in DOGEWorld while earning and using their pets to build up their value.

As people earn more and more MiniDoge tokens they will also be able to spend them through our partnership with Shopify and merchants worldwide who will be able to accept MiniDoge tokens as a form of payment for goods they sell online through Shopify stores.


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Introducing MiniGames!

MiniGames are games used to promote MiniDOGE to the world by giving players access to playing MiniDOGE versions of their favorite games. MiniGames are re-themed IOS and Andriod games which will allow users to experience how Mini would play the best games on the market. The best part of MiniGames is each game will reflect 40% of net revenue to all holders of MiniDOGE Token!

MiniDOGE Crush

Join Ms. MiniDoge on a fun, whimsical adventure through the lands of Sweet Tooth City, Lemon Lake, and CreamPYE factory, to name a few. With a swipe of your finger, you will surely unlock the power of the candies, matching the candies together to overcome obstacles and puzzles. Our very own celebrity is in the mix, guiding you through the most challenging obstacles from searching for lost candy canes to grabbing bones and other various treats. Going on a spiraling adventure, you will come across bright and colorful objects; from gummy paw prints to iridescent moon chocolates! Along the trail, you can request all sorts of help such as boosters to help you with the next task or a magic wand that will make the challenging obstacle look like cake (yum!). So don’t be discouraged and come join the fun! Ms. MiniDoge is waiting for you to come to play! Read more

MiniDOGE Mahjong

MiniDOGE Mahjong is a challenging mobile puzzle game that will keep you captivated for hours.

There are many levels for players to choose. The more levels, complete difficulty increasing in ascending order.

- More than 650 levels with difficulty increasing in ascending order
- Many challenges daily
- Relaxation / Stress free
- Family friendly app
- Develop motor skills and concentration

So much Fun!
Read more

Coming Soon to iOS and Android!

Additional MiniGames coming soon!

MiniDOGE Team

Bill Spata
Bill SpataCEO
Chief Executive Officer
Eric Andersen
Eric AndersenCTO
Chief Technology Officer
Tommy Klindt
Tommy KlindtCSO
Chief Strategy Officer
Ebony McCray
Ebony McCrayCMO
Chief Marketing Officer
Deven Hammond
Deven HammondCCO
Chief Communications Officer
Ryan Winingham
Ryan WininghamCHO
Chief Heart Officer

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