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An open world blockchain adventure game, explore Doge City and play with friends. Earn NFT's, play to earn & hold to earn.

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MiniDoge began it’s journey as a deflationary meme token that has built into a full fledged ecosystem built for Web 3.0. The unique feature of the AutoBoost catapulted MiniDoge into one of the top projects of 2021 in the cryptosphere.

It begins with the latest released platform, DogeEx, MiniDoge’s dedicated DOGE exchange with cross-chain capabilities. DogeEx allows it’s 80,000 holders to stake and earn rewards, such as Treasure and BNB.

Create, Build, and Interact in the world of MiniPets. Currently in development, the blockchain game MiniPets allows the user to earn more crypto rewards through conquering quests throughout DOGEWorld. Uncover hidden side quests for additional rewards that will catapult your rankings above competitors.

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Raise your pets while earning MiniDOGE Tokens With MiniDOGE we are building a one of a kind game for IOS and Android called MiniPets.

MiniPets is a game with rewards based on daily engagement in the game. Think Tamagotchi meets Decentraland! In MiniPets the users will be able to build as many pets as they would like, each pet has a persona which will start in an animal shelter and build up from there, eventually going on to becoming adopted and growing up.

In the game every pet will live in DOGEWorld and all pets will be able to earn MiniDOGE tokens in the game by doing the daily tasks, working at a job and completing their daily responsibilities on time.

As each pet earns more MiniDOGE tokens in the game they can buy upgrades such as clothes, food for building up attributes and even skills for them to get better jobs to earn more MiniDOGE tokens each day.


MiniDoge and Treasure come together to bring you DogeEx, the next chapter in the MiniDoge ecosystem. DogeEx provides investors the ability to stake in liquidity pool farms, or stake in single token pools for low risk options.

Earn Treasure tokens as passive income while staking, or use the SWAP to exchange tokens. This is only the beginning!

Meet the Team

Our team is developing a large ecosystem. With MiniDOGE we are building a one of a kind Blockchain NFT game called MiniPets.
MiniDoge is the GameFi of the ecosystem which will have MiniPets, DogeEx, MiniGames, NFT's, MiniPal wallet and more!
We are excited to have you all with us on this journey.



MiniDoge Token (MINIDOGE) is the heart of the ecosystem. With MiniDoge comes DogeEx, MiniPets game, MiniGames, NFT's, MiniPal Wallet and more.
Holding MiniDoge is your stake in the project's success.
Earn 6% reflections for every transaction.
MiniDoge is a deflationary token.
For every sell there is a buyback, 100% of all buyback tokens are burned instantly. This is accomplished through AutoBoost.

Reflection to holder: 6%
Add to liquidity: 4%
Autoboost function: 2%

Contract: 0xba07eed3d09055d60caef2bdfca1c05792f2dfad

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Treasure Token (TREASURE) is a MiniDoge utility token.
Treasure is not just a reward token for DogeEx, it also comes with a vast amount of use cases and was fair launched with no pre-sale.
Utilized for minting NFT's.
Utilized for Games.
Utilized for DogeEx lottery.
Part of our MiniDoge governance DAO.
Earn Treasure tokens as passive income for Staking.

Contract: 0xc0b943b63e605cf8a75c7832c2baf46629f7f762


MiniDoge Team

Bill Spata

Chief Executive Officer

Eric Andersen

Chief Technology Officer

Tommy Klindt

Chief Strategy Officer

Ebony McCray

Chief Marketing Officer

Deven Hammond

Chief Communications Officer

Ryan Winingham

Chief Heart Officer



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